How it Works

At ThreeSixty Financial, we keep it simple and connect the dots for you. Consider us as your one-stop-shop for money. Be it debt consolidation or the next step in achieving your dreams in business, ThreeSixty Financial is here to keep the process easy for you. Get on the path to the easiest loan, period. We meet you all the way.


Answer a few simple questions and get matched with your best loan options.


Review the amounts, rates and terms available to you and if you’re ready, apply for the loan.


You’ll get a response within minutes. If approved, you’ll simply fill out your documents electronically and follow the instructions to get funded.

Understanding Installment Loans

What are installment loans? It’s the type of loan you probably think of first, repaid over time based on a scheduled, set number of payments. Borrowers pay off interest and principal over that time, in as little as a few months or in some cases as long as 30 years (like in the case of a home loan). ThreeSixty Financial deals exclusively with safe and reputable loan providers who offer installment loans to our site visitors.

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Personal Loans

ThreeSixty Financial makes the application process easy, so you can get multiple options for a personal loan. We partner with only the best loan providers. Plus, the application is free and requesting options does not impact your credit score.

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Business Loans

Loans help business get done. ThreeSixty Financial connects your business plan to the money it needs to get off the ground. We partner with proven loan providers. It’s free to apply and requesting options with not impact your personal credit score.

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Unsecured vs. Secured Loans

In most cases, ThreeSixty Financial will connect you with an unsecured personal or business loan. An unsecured loan is granted based on the belief that you will repay as promised and have the means to do so.

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Can You Borrow Without Credit?

There are nearly 50 million Americans that don’t have enough credit history established to qualify for a traditional loan. This is why it’s so important for ThreeSixty Financial to partner with a diverse pool of loan providers.

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Bad Credit Options

ThreeSixty Financial has a deep, reputable pool of loan providers who may be able to offer financing to applicants, even in the event of poor credit. Whenever possible, we want to be part of the success story of our customers, helping them to improve their personal financial situation.

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Interest Rates

Loan APRs will vary based on your credit history, credit score, income and other factors. ThreeSixty Financial makes it easy to compare the different APR options and associated terms.

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Determining Your Credit Score

The FICO score is the traditional measuring stick used by loan providers to make a credit decision. The score is calculation of your performance in five different categories:

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Which Type of Loan Provider is Right for You?

Generally traditional lenders like banks and credit unions offer the lowest APRs for loans – commonly known as prime money. To access prime money, you’ll generally need an excellent FICO score.

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Reasons to Borrow

ThreeSixty Financial connects borrowers with a variety of needs to the right loan.

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Startup or established businesses often need a cash infusion – whether to purchase equipment, offset operational costs or meet payroll. Whatever your need, ThreeSixty Financial can connect you to loan providers with the right rates and terms.

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Pay Off Debt

Unforeseen circumstances arrive – from medical expenses to emergency home repairs. ThreeSixty Financial is your first stop for options to pay off your debt. Answer a few simple questions and get options fast.

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Tackling Credit Card Debt

Ready to cut up your cards and pay off your credit cards for good? ThreeSixty Financial can help. Answer a few questions about yourself and compare your available loan options from our deep roster of loan providers.

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Auto Financing

If you’re frustrated by the traditional auto loan process and just need cash to get the right car, ThreeSixty Financial understands. Let us know the amount you need and we’ll work with our pool of loan providers to get you an option at the best possible APR for your credit profile.

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Home Improvement

Home projects can add to the value of your property – but they can be pricey too. If you’re looking for a loan to finance your home improvements, look to ThreeSixty Financial as your first stop to compare loan providers.

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Military Members

ThreeSixty Financial appreciates the sacrifice that our military members make every day. We encourage active duty personnel to explore personal loan options through our site. Our pool of loan providers can offer short-term, fast turnaround loans to fit various needs.